Friday, 4 June 2010

Evaluation: Paper Product/Valentines...

This brief presented the opportunity to do print work that was driven by the outcome and not the content. I enjoyed the process of choosing a theme and finding opportunities to exploit this further. I never intended to produce three ranges of products, but the design development and ideas produced three quite different but viable commercial ranges.

I was able to use laser cutting with this brief, which proved a really strong finishing technique for one of the ranges. My crafting skills have also improved, having to make wrapping paper, cards and gift bags that all look professional and would photograph well. The strength of this brief is that it is fun and appealing in a non-designer context. It is generic, but in a good way and would appeal to a range of people.

Paper product is a very enjoyable medium to work within and I feel that I could excel in it. However, I feel that it would quickly close me off from the other areas of design that I enjoy so much and want to better myself in. Paper product design feels like it could be more of a hobby on one off occasions, rather than a design discipline for me personally.

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